Download free .csv files

After building many websites from scratch we realised how much more easy it would make it if we had access to a repository of .csv files to easily import alot of standard data with a list of all the countries in the world and a file with commonly used categories. Then this website was created to, at least, supply links and information about some of the great free data that is out there. We do however aim to supply info, links and downloads for many good, complete, updated and often needed csv files in the near future.


GEO Locations like Countries and Cities

List of all the countries in the world (272)

Data file contains:

  • Short name and full name (United States and United States of America)
  • Capitol city (Washington)
  • Currency short and full (USD and Dollar)
  • Phone number country code (+1)
  • TLD (.us)
  • Wether it is independent state or something else
  • Abbrivations (US and USA)

"Sort Order","Common Name","Formal Name","Type","Sub Type","Sovereignty","Capital","ISO 4217 Currency Code","ISO 4217 Currency Name","ITU-T Telephone Code","ISO 3166-1 2 Letter Code","ISO 3166-1 3 Letter Code","ISO 3166-1 Number","IANA Country Code TLD"

Download here